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School Operations
Ms. Kausar Ladiwala
Centre Director (Globe Tot'ers – Jubilee Hills & Gopanpally)

Ms. Kausar Ladiwala holding a Bachelors degree in education with an experience of 22 years, including 11 years of distinguished career in leadership and administration. A strong advocate of high quality early childhood education, her special interests include Educational Leadership...

Ms. Natasha
Centre Head

Ms. Natasha hails from the state of Assam and started an early career as a primary school teacher and gradually excelled in it by educating the middle school and high school children in life sciences and environmental education. She has an experience of a decade in the field of education.

Ms. Lavanya
Academic Coordinator

Ms. Lavanya, a B.Tech graduate from the Kakatiya University of Telangana, had begun her career as an IT professional in the U.S.A. Her passion towards teaching and love for the children paved a path into the career in the field of education.