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admission open for academic year 2017-18
About Trust Information

The vision of our trust is guided by the philosophy that quality education, healthcare and inclusive growth opportunities for all, can be the fundamental building blocks for social development.

By enriching young minds, developing human values, generating curiosity and encouraging the spirit to enquire and learn, we can nurture and prepare the thinkers, entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow.

Through our consistent, diverse and innovative endeavours, PKS Charity & Edu-Trust aspires to become a change agent for positive and holistic social growth.

  • Elevate the social and educational status of families, especially children, facing social or economic deprivation
  • Providing sustainable and affordable services for comprehensive social reform
  • Contribute and collaborate for the development of diverse charitable programmes
  • Address the gap between individuals and community services
  • Engage and empower the youth through skill enhancement and active participation programmes
  • Develop pioneering educational institutions that offer 'avant garde' learning techniques and state of the art infrastructure
  • Create a conducive environment for effective learning, intellectual and personal development
  • Encourage the aspirations and achievements of our students, through scholarship and reward programme