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Board of Management

Mr. Avijit Suryavanshi, Director

Mr. Avijit Suryavanshi is a passionate, ethical and dynamic businessman who always wanted to establish the best yet affordable pre-school facility at Lucknow to help parents raise perfectly seasoned and multi-skilled kids.

He is a highly positive and systematic person; very particular about maintaining exceptionally high standards in every field he is associated with.

Mr. Suryavanshi belongs to a very credible and reputed business family and heads the prestigious PKS Group, PKS InfraSolutions Pvt. Ltd, PKS Foam Concrete and PKS Charity and Edu-Trust. In a very short time, he has attained several remarkable successes for his diversified companies that deal right from postgraduate education to infrastructure development to preschool education till production. Mr. Suryavanshi has always been an innovative visionary and created landmarks in every business activity of the PKS Group. He sincerely believes that every business house should dispose significantly measurable Corporate Social Responsibility at all costs. Mr. Suryavanshi has a Masters in Management and Business Administration from the AMITY University and has graduated from the esteemed Lucknow University, where he obtained Bachelor of Commerce degree.


Ms. Sukriti Suryavanshi, Director

Ms. Sukriti Suryavanshi is a dedicated, multi-talented and highly disciplined professional. She has a unique blend of being a visionary, and a perfectionist executive and manager simultaneously.

Ms. Suryavanshi has a decade long experience as one of the foundation pillars of the PKS Group. She attained multiple achievements in the field of higher education, management and training. She has multiple professional qualifications,apart from having a Masters in Management and Business Administration from the AMITY University, she has a dual graduation from UPTECH and the Lucknow University. Being a Management Masters and Computer Graduate, she succeeded in establishing, managing and administering a chain of Education Institutes across Uttar Pradesh. As the flag bearer of the PKS Group she sincerely nurtured the thought of setting up a pre-school that would provide state of the art infrastructure,growth oriented safe and secure environment with best facilities under one roof. She is striving hard to make this institute as the best preschool in this region.


Ms. Kavita Jawarani, Director

Ms. Kavita Jawarani a zealous, pragmatic and determined professional, who believes in the ideals of team work and perseverance. An alumni of Loreto Convent Lucknow, she has a Bachelor's degree in Computers and a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University.

An avid reader, Ms. Jawarani has formerly worked as a writer and editor with Diamond books. Pursuing her passion for philanthropy and social work, she has been working with several NGOs, in the field of education and rural healthcare.

As a team member of PKS Charity and Edu-trust, she strongly advocates a holistic approach to education and creating a collaborative learning environment, rather than placing inordinate emphasis on Cognitive learning.