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About Us
RAAH Edification has been set up with the sole purpose of what it literally means - ''the path to build, grow or nurture something''. We define an enriched environment for a child as one that includes a steady source of environmental support, nutritious diet, stimulation for all senses, atmosphere free from stress and an environment that is enjoyable, challenging which allows social interaction, promotes development, and gives the child a chance to assess the results of their actions. All in all, allows the child to be an active participant rather than a passive observer.
We feel that while a lot of schools teach facts, what the small, impressionable minds really need to learn are the values. As children grow up, they may forget the facts, they may question the learnings but they will never forget or question the values that have been deeply rooted in them. In order to prepare the children for tomorrow, the preparations need to start today. And that is exactly what RAAH strives for.

RAAH Edification is a concept, a vision, a dream wherein the passion to learn and educate is the guiding principle.The aim is to educate, to train, to unfurl young minds to use their knowledge to change the world, to be curious, to think intensively and critically. Our Vision is to develop strong roots and value system in children, which is the need of the hour. We wish to achieve this through our specialised pre schools, educational magazines that also focus on the wholesome and cognitive development of the children.

Our research centres shall look into the specific needs of children between the age group 2-6 years and identify the best environment , stimulation and requirements for the optimal growth of children.


Our mission is to be of service to the untapped and huge population of children between the age group of 2-6 years. It is our mission to help parents raise healthy and happy children, who not only value education but develop a deep understanding of the underlying concepts and core values. We wish to spread our presence all over the sub-continent through our preschools, magazines and research centres in the next 5-7 years.