a strong and sure start
admission open for academic year 2017-18
About Globe Tot'ers
Globe Tot'ers vijayawada Globe Tot'ers- A Birla Preschool, Vijayawada welcomes you to the world of early childhood learning. Along with the best of preschool infrastructure in Vijayawada, we meet all the needs of parent and child through our Preschool Programme, Extended Day School and After School Enrichment Programmes.
We follow thematic curriculum which is based on best practices in the field of early childhood education. The themes are related to everyday life so that learning is applicable and fruitful. They are reinforced through a variety of activities throughout the day like, exploration, music and movement, dramatization, story etc. The structured child initiated play and circle time is unique and is followed consistently to develop social, emotional and cognitive skills. Activities are designed to develop the motor skills paving the way for readiness of reading and writing skills. A variety of age appropriate activities are planned to integrate scientific and mathematical concepts.
Globe Tot'ers follows a well researched and integrated Curriculum, designed by Birla Edutech Limited (a part of Yash Birla Group Company).
Globe Tot'ers Vijaywada is an initiative of Ms Neelima Sunkara in collaboration with Birla Edutech Ltd. This school shall be operated as per the philosophy of Birla Edutech Ltd which focuses on providing a strong and sure start to the young minds at the preschool level such that they are future ready and face the 21st century challenges confidently.

Some of the highlights of our programme are:

  • Inculcating "Care for self, others and the environment" in children
  • Learning from 'Nature'
  • Balanced and developmentally appropriate curriculum
  • Learning through exploration
  • Stimulating critical and creative thinking
  • Providing hands on learning through concrete, teacher-made materials and inviting displays
  • Focus on all round development of children
  • Contextual learning that focuses on application of knowledge and skills in a variety of situations
  • Encourage understanding of and respect for diversity
  • Partnership with parents by giving them ample opportunities for participation in the school programme